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Welcome to Gameworld

What if the way Square portrayed it's games wasn't how the events really happened. And what if several people were asked to test Square-Enix's new video game. What if something went wrong. Follow the "Outsiders" as they travel throughout this Gameworld as they search for a way out.
Written by me Rando Serian and drawn by Badokami.
Formerly drawn by Tim~N~Pens...

25 Jul 2010 12:09 am

About hiatus

Hey guys badokami here. For those who have been patiently waiting for the new comic pages me and Rando Serian apologizes. As he tries to open a new site to host the comic I have been trying to tune my skills as an artist. Plus I had to make a portfolio to apply to a college I want to go to. The series is not dead but until I get my priorities for school straighten out the comic will remain on hiatus. Thank you for waiting so long on us guys please just be a little more patient with us.

05 Apr 2010 12:40 am

More Moving News

Gameworld is moving to 910CMX which also hosts "The Wotch", "Sailor Ranko", "El Goonish Shive", and many more... I was hoping to have the new site ready by today but have hit a few snags with building the new site. It will be up soon...

Also the artist Badokami is designing a promotional picture for the series move so the comic is on a brief hiatus as he works on that.

26 Mar 2010 12:44 pm

Moving Soon

Gameworld will be moving off Smackjeeves soon... hopefully by Easter. I've been working on this for the past month or so, I will have more information as the move draws closer.

Some things to look forward to on the future site.

Character Profiles of both Original and Square-Enix Characters
The Original Gameworld Fiction
Seperate Pages for Gameworld, Gameworld Gaiden, and the Extra Art

27 Feb 2010 07:13 pm

Gameworld pg 25

Next page of gameworld will be uploaded later in the week I am now currently working on other things at the moment but will have the next page up soon.

13 Feb 2010 11:48 pm

Gameworld Returns...

Gameworld is finally back with new artist Badokami drawing the series.

12 Aug 2009 04:51 pm

Gameworld's Origins

Until Gameworld has gained a new artist, I'll be going through and editing/updating the fanfiction that started it... once a month or so I'll post 1 chapter of the fanfiction, either directly to the pages of Gameworld, or post a link....

14 Jun 2009 11:19 pm

Gameworld's Artist

Earlier today the artist of Gameworld has retired from drawing the webcomic. Tims reasons are his own and neither of us have any hard feelings, and we are still on good terms. But even though he is leaving I plan to continue Gameworld, and so the search for a new artist begins...

14 May 2009 01:44 am

"Popular Culture"

I was scanning a site called Final Fantasy Wikia and under the Final Fantasy in Popular Culture I was surprised to find references to Gameworld and Gameworld Gaiden.

This is what the reference said:

"The Webcomic Gameworld and its upcoming side series Gameworld Gaiden Re-Direct contain characters from many of the Final Fantasy games as main and secondary characters alongside several original characters called Outsiders. It also has references to other Square-Enix Properties. "

Don't Believe me, here is a link to the entry

Gameworld is considered Popular Culture! How interesting is that?

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